Body Balancing


Our body, mind, and emotions are interconnected. A balanced body is a crucial part of a balanced nervous system. By shifting holding patterns in the body, we can effect change in our mental patterns - and by shifting our mental patterns, we can create change in our bodies.

We don’t only think with our brains. Our heart, our gut, our nerve centres and our brain each have their own sets of neurons; forming an interconnected and interdependent web. Working together, all these systems influence our thoughts and the way we experience life.

So on every retreat there is a programme to help embed deep and lasting change in your physical body too. Every individual body balancing programme is unique and custom designed to suit your personal needs and goals, with the best possible synergy of Eastern and Western methods.

Our body balancing programme uses;

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Brain and Body Boosting Cuisine

As you are undergoing change your body and brain need optimum nutrition, and all our menus are planned to provide you with top class, nutritionally balanced, brain-boosting food - that is, of course, also delicious!

Food is not just about the body; your gut produces many of the neurotransmitters needed for your brain to function at its best. Your brain requires more fuel and energy than any other organ in the body - if your brain isn’t getting the nutrients it needs, you won’t perform to the best of your ability. Small tweaks to your diet could yield huge results in your physical and mental performance.

Your gut contains half as many neurons as your brain, so keeping your digestive tract happy is important to us. On all our retreats there is the opportunity to discuss your personal nutritional requirements and receive tailored advice on diet and supplements to help you keep your insides balanced after you return home. We also hope you will return home inspired by how tasty healthy food can be!

You can expect to eat lots of fresh, local food with an emphasis on fruit, vegetables and foods with high nutritional value (sometimes called 'super-foods'). Taste is never compromised and we closely oversee all our chefs to ensure each meal is appealing to your taste buds and eyes as well as revitalizing for your body.

Aligned Yoga

When our body is strong, flexible and well aligned, we feel better and our minds can function more effectively; and modern neuroscientific research agrees. Yoga is a unique, proven and ancient science to access mental clarity and emotional balance through working the physical body.

On all our retreats there is a daily 60 minute yoga class - typically a flowing, alignment-focussed ‘hatha yoga’ style, although this is adapted to suit the group. Due to our small group size we can accommodate all levels of experience, fitness, strength and flexibility and welcome those who have never done any yoga before. One-to-one yoga tuition is also available, where specific questions or therapeutic work can be explored, or a personal practice tailored to you can be designed for you to take home.

Kate Hewett teaches yoga on our Transformational Retreats. You can find out more about her approach here...

Bodywork (Massage)

Brainworks Transformational Retreats are all about change, and we have seen that working deeply with the body can help ground and integrate changes coming from the mind. As the body relaxes so does the mind – as the mind relaxes so does the body. In this way, the bodywork enhances and helps embed the neurofeedback, yoga and meditation on the retreats.

Our massage sessions are in a traditional Eastern style, which has a different aim and technique than what most people are used to in the west - hence we find 'bodywork' a more accurate description than 'massage'.

In traditional villages throughout SE Asia, bodywork is primary healthcare; used to maintain a balanced and vibrant mind and body. Bodywork is generally more participatory than massage; integrating breath and body centred focus.  This awareness often helps the release of tension and emotional patterns held within the body. 

Bodywork sessions are a chance for you to fully let go, and let the body’s innate wisdom take over.

A session typically lasts 90 minutes; it may involve a range of relaxing massage, movement and hands-on healing techniques. No two sessions are alike – as with all of our modalities, we tailor the bodywork sessions according your body’s particular needs. 

Stress Release Exercises

You have likely experienced a slight ‘shaking’ or tremor in your body after a threatening event. All mammals have this shaking tendency. The tremors allow the neurochemicals that have accumulated in the brain and the muscles to prepare for fighting, fleeing or freezing to dissipate, allowing the body to return to a neutral, relaxed state.

Unlike mammals in the wild, human beings often supress this shaking, so all those anxiety-producing, muscle-tightening, stress-enhancing neurotransmitters don’t fully release. This bio-chemical ‘residue’ causes the next stress-related event to be more acute.

Stress release exercises induce the post-traumatic tremors that had initially been supressed; loosening the fascia, releasing the neurochemicals, restoring blood flow to constricted areas and dispensing the stored stress. These simple techniques, which are easy to do at home, are introduced on all our retreats.


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