Brainworks Transformational Retreats was founded by Kate Hewett, James Roy and Sarah Roy in 2011. We work alongside facilitators who are hand chosen from around the world for their specific gifts and talents.

Each team member chooses to take time away from their exclusive practices to concentrate on what they love: to work intensively with a small number of clients, and collaborate closely with like-minded professionals to achieve maximum results. Our team is uniquely compassionate, supportive, and understanding - all go the extra mile to ensure you get the changes you are looking for.

Each retreat typically has four facilitators for the six participants, ensuring the closest possible attention to detail.

Our core team: left to right: Kate Hewett, James Roy, Sarah Roy
Transformational Retreats Team

bio... Kate Hewett (Yoga, Meditation, Coaching)
bio... Sarah Roy (Neurotherapy, Nutritional Advisor, Bodywork)
bio... James Roy (Neurotherapy, Bodywork)
bio... BrainWorks / Transformational Retreat Team (Neurotherapy / Neurofield)

Kate Hewett (Yoga, Meditation, Coaching)

Kate Taylor (Yoga, Mindfulness, Coaching)

Kate was born in the UK to English parents but spent much of her early childhood in Africa and the Middle East. After a modern languages degree, her career began with 7 years in the corporate sector. This brought prosperity and outward success but not happiness, so in 2001 she followed her heart to India and transformed her deep passion for yoga into her profession, and taught full-time for 5 years.

In 2006, following surgery which meant she could no longer teach yoga full-time, Kate returned to office life and took on a number of learning and development roles in the social enterprise sector. This ignited a passion for coaching as a highly effective developmental tool both personally and professionally. In 2011 she founded her own coaching business, Live Your Values, and became a co-founder of Brainworks Transformational Retreats.

Kate is highly dedicated to her own personal and spiritual development. Over the past fifteen years she has extensively practiced yoga and meditation, studied Taoist, Tantric, Buddhist and yogic sacred texts with teachers of exceptional insight, undergone numerous shamanic healing rituals and ceremonies, had some amazing coaching and mentoring, attended ten silent meditation retreats and an incredibly transformative course of neurofeedback. Although she didn't get any of the answers she expected she is becoming happier, lighter and more full of clarity every day. All her interactions and classes are designed to help you join her in this space.

To learn more about Kate's innovative style, her yoga website can be found here and coaching site here.

Sarah Roy (Neurotherapy, Nutrition)

Sarah Roy (Neurotherapy, Nutrition)Born and raised near London, Sarah spent her twenties working as an accountant in industry in England. Following a deeper calling, she left the business world to study massage and nutrition. She co-managed a renowned health food store in Bristol for 3 years, continuing her studies in mind-body health including studies at The College of Natural Nutrition and running a private practice as a nutritional advisor.

She moved to India in 2004. This was a big opportunity to expand her skills in eastern naturopathy and develop a greater experiential and theoretical knowledge of Yogic philosophy. It was also here that she met her future husband James with whom she built a renowned bodywork practice.

In 2007, after experiencing the benefits of neurofeedback herself, Sarah and James decided to combine the insights gained from eastern thought and contemporary neuroscience. They went to America to begin their studies, later returning to the UK to pioneer their practice in neurofeedback and mind technologies.

Today their company (Brainworks Neurotherapy) is among the leaders in the field of personal transformation through the mind; facilitating symptom resolution, personal growth, and spiritual emergence. James and Sarah have re-located to Costa Rica to return to the roots of their practice, blending the best mind technologies of the east and west into an integrative retreat setting.

To learn more about their leading edge neurofeedback, visit the Brainworks website here...

James Roy (Neurotherapy, Bodywork)

James Roy (Neurotherapy, Bodywork)Born and raised on Vancouver Island, Canada, James has had a lifelong interest in the mind. With age this interest led to studies in the mind sciences; over a seven year period he undertook an education in self transformation; studying with Shamans, Monks, and Yogis throughout India and SE Asia. His studies focused on the underlying common principles of self-transformation techniques.

Having studied under a wide range of traditional healers (most notably the world’s leading Thai massage master Pichet Boonthame), James’ skills as a bodyworker are exemplary. For several years, James had a renowned bodywork practice in India specialising in self-development for advanced practitioners.

The insights gained from eastern studies led James and his wife Sarah to pioneer neurofeedback and mind technologies in the UK. Today their company (Brainworks Neurotherapy) is among the leaders in the field of personal transformation through the mind; facilitating personal growth with EEG neurofeedback.

In 2012, James and Sarah relocated to Costa Rica to integrate the best mind technologies of the east and west into a retreat setting. James is returning to the roots of his practice, and is the bodyworker on many of our retreats.

To learn more about their leading edge neurofeedback, visit the Brainworks website here...

Brainworks Team (Neurotherapists / Neurofield)

On several of our retreats, we draw a neurotherapist from the Brainworks clinic in London. Brainworks is one of the top neurofeedback practices in the world, and their therapists are second-to-none.

You can read more about the Brainworks team here...