A typical day on retreat


A typical retreat day begins with a pre-breakfast energising and uplifting yoga session to wake you up and get the body moving, followed by a local fruit and superfoods smoothie and breakfast.

Over the course of the day, you will have a tailored neurofeedback session, a neurofield session / guided meditation session, and either 90 minutes of bodywork / massage, or a private 1-to-1 yoga or coaching session. There is a guided group mindfulness meditation in the late afternoon. The balance of the day is your own, to enjoy the amenities and lush surroundings.

With deep changes taking place on all levels, most of our clients find that they need more rest than usual. Simply walking, reading a book or lying in the sun is enough to fill the day between sessions. A natural and plentiful lunch is served, and a gourmet dinner is followed by occasional evening activities. Teas, coffees and cold drinks are always available, and our chefs are always happy to share their knowledge of nutrition and delicious recipes with you.

You can participate in the daily activities as much or as little as you like. This is your transformational retreat.

Getting the most out of your retreat

Post Retreat follow-up

We are dedicated to ensuring that the transformation you’ve made during your time with us continues when you return home, so an additional one hour post-retreat coaching session is included.

One week after your transformational retreat, we will check-in with you to see how you’ve settled back into your life at home and help answer any questions or talk through any challenges that have arisen.

Three weeks following your return home, we will contact you for a thorough review of how you have moved towards your goals, your experience or any feedback about the retreat, and how your life has improved.