Do you want to shift into a new or higher gear? Gain new insights, capabilities and skills to help you live a happier, more successful and productive life?
Come join us on a transformational retreat, and get more out of a week than you ever thought possible.
Transformational retreats are designed to help you rebalance and decompress the body and mind; freeing you of old thoughts or habits, bringing you the clarity and perspective to transform your life. 
Every individual programme is unique; custom designed to suit your needs and goals. Using a carefully balanced synergy of modern neuroscience and age old methods, our innovative programme facilitates profound, deep and lasting change. 
These retreats provide an opportunity to fully recharge, and remember how life felt before everything else got in the way. Some people come to improve emotional balance, let go of what they no longer need, or simply discover more depth and meaning in their lives. Others are in a transition or starting a new phase, and want a clear and balanced mind to start afresh.  
Nourish, renew, grow and shine on a Transformational Retreat.